Brands continue to adapt and embrace the challenge brought in by rapidly changing  and evolving communication medium and digitization. We love to work with brave clients, with even braver briefs. For brands to stand out in this clutter, bold design decisions are required, and of course, brilliant ideas. That’s where AIR comes in. We assist you to create your brand presence in the crowd.


We are driven by the desire to deliver design experiences that will engage the user with your brand, through medium of graphics, film, music, animation and photography.When briefs require certain specifics we collide with brilliant minds, from copywriters to printers, artisans to social media specialists..


While we are proud of our past, we are even more inspired by the experiences we have yet to create. At AIR, we are a friendly team who care about designing and producing great work. We look forward to saying 'hello' and working with you on your next communication