Album Design:

The album design represents an urban story of everyday city life. The music is influenced by Jazz, Blues and Funk all the way from 40's to the 70’s.
Each of the 10 songs is represented in mix media fresco and shown in the building as a gallery to feature these stories, making it seem like these are stories of the inhabitants living in them.

The album cover uses a very urban, Art-Deco look, with metal grilled facade and an exposed exterior. The names of the songs appear as letters cut into metal, and attached to the scaffolding. Elements like exposed water pipes, planters, domesticated animals, exterior spiral staircase, adds to the ghetto appeal.

Album Cover Front & Back Inlay.
15 Nights To Dawn + Pinocchio Times.
Waking Hours + Refuge .
Creek Funk + Dog Days .
One Winged Goose + Parentheses.
Blue Bashing + Not Just another Blue.
About The Band + Credit Page.
Song List.
CD Housing.
Ampersand album inlay poster.