Magazine Logo Design

Flip is a magazine featuring food, music, culture and the buzz of the nightlife, of the city of Bangalore. The logo design essentially needed to communicate the ease and flexibility of the magazine. It’s an A-5 size pocket magazine with 20 – 30 pages, which can be flipped easily, when and where needed.

Exploration of the logo design led from actually giving the word “flip” a flip effect in its look and feel. A more uniform symbol added to the font made the logo’s evolution complete.

The font used was bold and assertive to connect with the urban youth’s lifestyle.  The symbol of the forward sign, on a record player, suggested the action of flipping in a rather symbolic way.

Popular Sample Magazine Covers.

Font Family Selection.

Logo Option 1 + Variations.

Logo Application on Sample Magazine Covers + Logo RENDRATION in Different Textures.

Logo Option 2 + Application on Sample Magazine Covers.

Logo Option3 + Application on Sample Magazine Covers.

Logo Option 4 + Application On Sample Magazine Covers + Logo

Final Logo, Process + Elements.

Final Logo + Monogram.