Basketball Trash Can.

The Basketball Trash Bin

The objective is to make people interact with design. The basketball trash can is meant to involve people in the basic activity of disposing garbage by making it fun and without coercing them to make a conscious effort.


To spread awareness about environment cleanliness and dustbin usage for trash disposal, with the USP of fun attached.


Strategy & Activities
It has immense potential of becoming the Corporate Social Responsibility of your company. The Basketball Bin has a sporty feature attached to it which serves your liven up the workspace by making the environment healthier and happier.


Basketball Bin was made of two components - a plastic can which is 28 inches in height and 168 cm in top circumference, which is mounted by a metal hoop. The Recycler is buffed with synthetic industrial leatherette

(Artificial Napa leather) deep saffron in color with perforated grains to cover the inside can. The basketball hoop is at a 20 inches height with a suspending arm to the rim in order to give it elevation.


The Bin comes in a ready to install model. It has high aesthetic value, hence it’ll add to the liveliness of your workspace. It comes with an “install-a-bag” provision to Collect the trash that is thrown thorough the net, so that it becomes easy to clean the bin off its trash at the end of the day

On ground installation of the Basketball trash bin.

On ground installation of the Basketball trash bin.

Basketball trash bin (product shot).

Newspaper coverage.

A day in a mall after the installation of an innovative trash bin, AIR.



Since the time we were in college, the strong bold lines and quirky illustrated wall at Café Mondegar at Colaba Mumbai, made us all want to be illustrators.


The wall was hand illustrated by the legendary Mario Miranda.


Padma Vibhushan Mario João Carlos do Rosario de Brito Miranda, (2 May 1926 – 11 December 2011), popularly known as Mario Miranda or Mario de Miranda, was an Indian cartoonist and painter based in Loutolim, in the Indian state of Goa.


At Air, we take this opportunity to dedicate this wall art to our teacher and a great human being.

Wall - Art.

Wall - Art.

Wall - Art.

Wall - Art.